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About McDaan Limited

McDaan business philosophy is to engage with any potential stakeholder in order to effect economic growth and social development.

Why Us?



We have a strong loyal team to serve customers' needs.

We have a wide coverage network worldwide covering the UK, USA, Africa and Australia

We share profit and growth with business associates through strategic alliances.

We can extend your sales and marketing reach.


We focus on our core business and capitalize on our strengths to integrate all resources available for synergy.

We are calculative in risk taking and confine to liabilities which are certain and affordable when exploring into new business ventures. We strive to become a responsible employer, stakeholder, corporate citizen, social citizen and a preferred and strategic partner to all our business associates.

Our Mission



Being one of the major economic growth contributors regionally and globally, through:

Promoting potential businesses and individuals to support them facilitate the exchange and movement of trade and investments.


a) Tapping, encourage, nurture, and utilize these potential to participate in the contribution of overall creation of wealth and economic growth.


b) Infuse enthusiasm, creativity, pro-actively and innovation on potential business and individuals, in order to support them realize their potential


Our Values



Our values below govern all what we do; they sustain our vision and are a key in delivering our business strategy. They help us focus into key priority areas in order to deliver high levels of business performance and underpin our commitment to economic growth and social development.



We work collaboratively with the competition to provide customers with fair and honest deals.


Honest & fair

We work honestly and fairly to ensure a win win situation in all what we do.



We are responsible to all stakeholders and CSR is embedded in all what we do.



We are dedicated to all our stakeholders and are attentive to their needs genuinely.


Straight forward

We deal openly and transparently for stakeholder to be clear of what to expect from us and vice versa.


Our Objectives



Work with individuals, companies, charities, governments and any potential stakeholders to encourage private sector to thrive and impact social and economic development.


Our Vision



McDaan Limited is encouraging social, financial and economic growth through empowering potential stakeholders profitably.

McDaan Limited


Encouraging economic growth and social development, through empowering potential stakeholders profitably. Become one of the major economic growth contributors regionally


About McDaan



McDaan Limited is managed and operated by a target focused and commercially astute business leaders and finance professional possessing an exceptional track record of turning vision into achievement. They are committed to succeed through effective strategic planning and solid financial management. Their skills and expertise range across a wide sector of industries including but not limited to accounting, marketing, finance, research and legal matters. This pooled skill has contributed to deliver innovative solutions, drive business initiatives and optimize results.



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